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Company Dinner – A day off from work

As early as when I was informed that there would be a potluck on Friday, I began to look forward to it. This is a potluck of the company. The reason why the company organized everyone to go out for a potluck is not only to decompress everyone, but also to let everyone communicate more about each other’s happiness and enhance the cohesion of the whole company. As Wang always said, “No matter what time we are a team!”

Friday finally came under my expectation. After finishing the remaining work of the company, we started our first stop – the farmyard (roast whole sheep). The boss drove us there, we arrived first, some people did not arrive, and by the time we arrived, the dishes were being prepared, looking at the dishes, I was really hungry, but, dinner, dinner, before the meal must be to raise a glass. At the call of Mr. Wang, let’s toast to celebrate this occasion together. We talk about a lot of things at dinner, personal, business, and it’s nice to have a big conversation, to have no rank barriers, to talk freely. It brings us closer together

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Post time: Apr-20-2023