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Chinese pharmaceutical intermediates industry highly developed in 2000

The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates are in fact some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of drug synthesis. This kind of chemical product, does not need to pass the pharmaceutical production license, can be produced in the ordinary chemical plant, when reaches some grade, can be used in the synthesis of drugs.
Pharmaceutical intermediates are important links in the pharmaceutical industry chain.
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Medical intermediates are subdivided into primary intermediates and advanced intermediates. Among them, the primary intermediate suppliers can only provide simple intermediate production and are at the front of the industrial chain, where the competitive pressure and price pressure are the greatest. Therefore, the price fluctuation of basic chemical raw materials has a great impact on them.
On the other hand, advanced intermediate suppliers not only have strong bargaining power over primary suppliers, but more importantly, because they undertake the production of advanced intermediates with higher technology content and keep closer contact with multinational companies, so they are less affected by the price fluctuation of raw materials.
Midstream belongs to the pharmaceutical fine chemical industry. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates synthesize intermediates or crude apis and sell the products in the form of chemical products to pharmaceutical enterprises, which then sell them as drugs after refining.
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Chinese pharmaceutical intermediates industry highly developed in 2000.
At that time, pharmaceutical companies in developed countries paid more and more attention to product research and development and market development as the core competitiveness, and accelerated the transfer of intermediates and active drug synthesis to developing countries with lower costs. For this reason, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry has gained an excellent development through this opportunity. After more than ten years of steady development, with the support of national overall regulation and control and various policies, our country has become an important intermediate production base in global division of labor in pharmaceutical industry.

From 2016 to 2021, the production of pharmaceutical intermediates in China increased from about 8.1 million tons, with a market size of about 168.8 billion yuan, to about 10.12 million tons, with a market size of 2017 billion yuan.
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Post time: Nov-02-2022